We want your employees to experience the world!

Working with Corporate Traveller has additional benefits as we are able to offer our partners access to the best vacation travel deals going around with our sister brand Flight Centre. Not only will you have access to the latest deals but we also offer exclusive discounts that are tailored to your employees.

Happy, well-travelled, well-rested employees provide you with a more productive workplace, happy customers and more business. So to get your employees travelling to their dream destination for the best price, it’s as simple as this...

Step 1: Flight Centre curates custom travel deals that will appeal to your employees. Step 2: We will create a custom landing page and flyer explaining the deals and booking process so you can quickly and easily spread the good news. Step 3: Your employees save with exclusive travel deals!

Sample offers include:

  1. Save $50 per person on international flight & hotel packages
  2. Save $150 per person on international cruise or tour packages